Writer, Director, Producer


Dawn Fields (IMDb) is a Los Angeles-based writer/director and owner of the film production company Palm Street Films.  Her short film Fragile Storm, starring Lance Henrisken, has garnered 25 nominations and 19 wins.  She has over 20 years experience working as a producer, writer, director and editor and has a background in acquisitions, development, crowdfunding and film finance.  She has worked for such companies as Lucasfilm, Brett Ratner’s Rat Productions, Gran Via (Mark Johnson), Twentieth Century Fox, TriStar, ABC, NBC Universal, Aaron Spelling Productions, Morgan Creek and more.


Assistant to Director/Assoc Producer


James Popiden (IMDb) graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a bachelor’s degree in Television Production and a master’s in Bioethics.  He has a passion for telling intellectually engaging and life-changing stories.  He has co-produced eight short films, including the multi-award winning short film Fragile Storm, starring Lance Henrisken.  He has experience as a writer, producer, director, and editor and hopes to one day write and produce a prequel sci-fi movie that leads into a long running tv series.